Surface Preparation

The first step, washing, is the foundation of the entire project to remove mold, oil, and old paint so new paint absorbs into your surface better.
Power washing from Wells Painters will prepare your painting project for success from the very beginning. Precision and professionalism from Wells Painters will give your property the look and feel of a brand new!

Pressure Washing Basics from your Exterior Painting

Professional Prep is the first step of any Wells Painters® Exterior Painting Job

Power washing is an important step in the preparation of exterior surfaces to ensure the cleanest surface to apply house paint. Wells Painters® Services can use different types of power washing depending on your build and the type of job. Power washing can be performed on wood, granite, asphalt, bricks, and aluminum.

Exterior painting crews from Wells Painters are trained to use power washers to the best of their ability and are able to quickly remove dirt and other particulate matter off of your property.

Using electric power washer is one of the easiest and fastest paint removal techniques. High pressure washers remove oil and other impurities from a surface, which allows the new coat of paint to adhere better. Once we have completed the washing and surface preparation stages, we are now officially ready to begin painting.

Power Washing
First, we use a high pressure stream of water, typically ejected from a hand-held wand or nozzle, to clean the areas to be painted. We put the power washer on a low pressure setting when applying the bleach. Then we let the bleach and water do the cleaning. After several minutes we wash the solution off the property.  We use the machine to clean only.

We use bleach to kill mold and mildew. However, the concentration is not strong enough to kill shrubs or trees.

We usually power wash a day or two before we start the job. We will call ahead to let you know when we are coming so that you can shut all doors and windows.

Job Set Up
We will remove all wood or plastic shutters, downspouts (if not riveted to gutters), miscellaneous hardware and build numbers. Lights will be removed or covered. If the windows are to be painted we will also remove the storm windows and screens.


Pressure washing works well on wood, granite, asphalt, bricks, and aluminum surfaces.

We also perform cleaning services with pressure washing, including buildings, stone walkways, stone walls, fences and other external areas.

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